We have acted on behalf of DHgate in Yi Wu for many years and committed ourselves to expand the E-commerce market. From 2014, we turned our core business to Amazon operation trainning, thirdpartnar, supply chain of warehouse, logistics, product integration and cross border business synthesis. It is our mission to cultivate top seller on Amazon and to serve them supply chain resources, warehouse distribution system...
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Exquisite Course Series

Teacher Introduction

  • Primary Lecturer

    Graduated with his Bachelor's degree, possesses 3 years of working experience in Post Office in Zhengzhou, Henan province, 2 years for DHgate.com sellers recruit. In 2012, he registered his online store on Aliexpress and amazon (America) successively.He himself has 2 years of operation...
  • Advanced Class Lecturer

    Majoring in accouting, possesses 7 years of working exprience in accounting affair office. Being familiar with knowledge of intellectual property and brand, he is adept at intellectual property and brand protection. He was one of the first sellers of toys on DHgate.com and Aliexpress website...
  • 義烏盈科跨境電商賣家聯盟,在孕育著中國中小型企業,更多的賣家做起跨境電商平臺,現在已經運營到第25期了!
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Company news

  • 350萬美金“男神”吳見老師被浙江大學聘請為中國跨境電商大講堂講師團隊專家!
  • 第22屆義博會圓滿落幕,跨境電商成績亮眼
  • 義烏盈科,解決企業轉型“人才”困局